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Glass Art at Caffe Florian until October 15th


Caffè Florian will exhibit Davide Salvadore’s works.

Il vetro si fa musica“: the hall’s nineteenth-century style merges with the colors of the glass sculptures that animate the space of the Sala Stagioni.

The works that the artist shows at the Caffè Florian tell us his personal story and his artistic journey. They vibe with music and rythm inside conveying extraordinary energy.

Il Maestro Davide Salvadore at the opening of the exhibition "Il vetro si fa musica"

Glass Art: an ancient technique that becomes artistic expression through the fire in the skilled hands of the Maestro.

They are objects with a magnetic aura, with pulsating colours. Musical instruments with organic shapes that make glass audible and music palpable.

You can hear the echo of a faraway Murano through the storytelling of glass productions and personal lives of its people. The island that has made glass a true treasure, enriching itself with experiences and skills that allow it to keep up with the world of contemporary art. A journey that makes us set sail towards the colors of that Africa experienced and never forgotten by maestro Salvadore.

DSC_5831 DSC_5832
salvadore sala senato con bassi pixel

During the installation of the exhibition Davide Salvadore holds the sculpture "Chitamarra"

“Il vetro si fa musica” from 9 September to 15 October 2023


“Il vetro si fa musica”, the exhibition edited by the Artistic Director Dr. Stefano Stipitivich and organized by Dr. Cristiana Rivolta, can be visited from 9 September to 15 October 2023 at the historic Caffè in San Marco Square.

The world of creators of glass art, the city authorities and devoted art lovers attended the exhibition opening at the Florian, the Café that has always welcomed artists and writers. It was in the Senate Hall in 1893 that the then mayor Riccardo Selvatico had the idea of creating a widespread exhibition in the city to be held every two years: the Venice Biennale. Therefore, the connection with art has always been very strong and this year it is renewed on the occasion of The Venice Glass week.

image00010 - Copia image00002 - Copia
Stipitivich bassi

The Artistic Director Stefano Stipitivich who edited the exhibition "Il vetro si fa musica"

Davide Salvadore began producing lampwork glass beads in his mother’s jewelry workshop. The production of rings (purchasable at the Corner Shop) reflects this inherited artistic streak. They are produced with the lampwork technique of colored glass rods subsequently cold worked using engraving and beating techniques.

Even in these miniature sculptures Salvadore infuses his mastery and his artistic flair, distributing chromatic effects in a choral way and giving his creations the concreteness of glass, making them forget their fragility.

His rings are wearable sculptures.

anelli ritoccati basse ok

Salvadoremurano rings for Caffè Florian: lampwork with colored glass rods and subsequent cold working using engraving and beating techniques

anelli e bicchieri bassa IMG-6534

The “Goto Salvadoremurano for Caffè Florian” is a blown glass tumbler entirely handmade using colored glass rods.

Light and colourful, they are designed and realized exclusively for Caffè Florian.

It will be possible to purchase them at the Corner Shop and soon also on the website together with the other works of artists and designers who have exhibited at Caffè Florian.

bicchiere dall'alto bassa

"I daydream"

Salvadore in fornace bassi Salvadore fornace verticale pixel bassi
Salvadore in piedi davanti alla fornace bassi pixel

Maestro Davide Salvadore at work in his Murano furnace

Salvadore 12.09.2023
anelli e bicchieri bassa
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