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The breakfast spots in Venice


Waking up in Venice offers a unique pleasure: listening to the sound of the bells that comes from the many (about eighty) bell towers and smelling the freshly baked desserts in the artisan pastry shops. Taking the first steps of the day on centuries-old ‘masegni’ between calli and campielli that slowly come to life has an undeniable charm.

Venice is the city of sociality.

The first “ciao” is heard, a word coined in Venice in the eighteenth century when they said “sc’iao”, meaning ‘sclavus’, ‘at your orders’. We greet each other, still a little sleepy, discreetly meet gazes and exchange a smile.
From the bars the noise of the grinding of the beans and the scent of the coffee reach us.

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Having breakfast at Florian is a journey within a journey

Having breakfast in Venice is a journey within a journey. A process of discovery of the Serenissima that creates a link with a centuries-old tradition and opens a glimpse into daily Venetian life. If you are in the heart of the town, nearby Piazza San Marco, the moment becomes even memorable.

The first rays of sun on the square give dazzling reflections to the mosaics of the lunettes of the Basilica of San Marco which expresses all its Byzantine beauty. If there aren’t too many tourists yet, silence reigns and you can enjoy the magic of being in one of the most beautiful squares in the world.


The scent of coffee reaches your nostrils more and more and you can no longer resist the call of a coffee.

The tables are lined up neatly along the side of the New procuratie, the waiters in livery place the tablecloths: the operations planned for the opening of the historical ‘monument’ Florian have the charm of a ritual because they have been meticulously repeated for three hundred years.

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Exploring Culinary Tips and the Culture of Coffee in Venice


Venice imported coffee as early as the mid-16th century. ‘Baili’ (permanent foreign ambassador of the Republic of Venice) and merchants had learned about it in the Venetian colonies and the drink had fascinated with its stimulating properties and the ritual that accompanied its consumption.

Caffè Florian is the place that contains centuries of evolution in coffee culture. Although prepared in different ways, coffee has brought the same spirit of enjoying a moment of sociality from East to West. A rite that was in fact adopted in Constantinople and revolutionized the way of “being together”, first in Venice and then throughout Europe, becoming a symbol of Enlightenment values.

The coffee culture follows the traces of Venetian history and each stage has been a moment of integration and innovation. From Turkish coffee to sophisticated espresso machines, Venice has been receptive and revolutionary, making it its own and interpreting the world of coffee.

In iconic places like Caffè Florian you can find the roots of hospitality, the one that Floriano Francesconi had  his customers. He was so loved as an innkeeper that in Venice they used to say “ndemo da Florian” (“let’s go to Florian”) referring to the coffee house by his first name. Even today, Caffè Florian is the place of conviviality and sharing: it is relaunched by crossing the centuries and proposing new ways of ‘letting yourself go into the flow of life’.

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The luxury of living a sublime experience sipping an espresso sitting in halls full of history or sitting on the terrace appreciating the Basilica and one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

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The Casanova breakfast served in the Hall "Uomini Illustri"

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Delights of Venice, unveiling the Perfect Sweet Breakfast Experience


Cappuccino, Caffè del Doge or a simple espresso, combined with sweet delicacies make the day : uncovering gastronomic specialities such as the classic croissant or the plate of traditional biscuits, macarons or scones, are a must for a sweet breakfast in Venice.


To get to know other iconic places that dedicate all their passion to pastry making, a visit to the historic Rosa Salva pastry shop is a must, which has always stood out for the choice of the highest quality raw materials and the elegance of the artistic creativity in the creation of the sweets.

For the best “Fugassa” in the city you have to go to Nono Colussi while for an artisan workshop that churns out products with genuine flavors there is Pasticceria Dal Mas.

The sweet breakfast tour in Venice requires long walks to go from one ‘sestiere‘ (districts) to another to discover the treasures of Venetian pastry making.

agata tazza cappuccino

Savory Breakfast Delights of Venice: Uncovering Gastronomic Specialities


Having breakfast at Florian can be much more than having an espresso at the bar.

If you had the time and desire to indulge in sweet delights, the advice is to let yourself be captivated by the “Casanova” breakfast: cappuccino or tea, freshly squeezed juice, fruit salad, croissants, toasted bread, butter, jam or honey, bread stuffed with ham and cheese. The perfect breakfast for those who love a savory breakfast.
The gourmet delights for a savory breakfast are varied on the menu: croissants with ham, with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil, with bresaola and rocket, or with aubergines, courgettes and grilled peppers.
From 11.00 to 13.00 you can be enraptured by the gourmet delights of the Brunch with a selection of finger food to satisfy all palates: salmon quiche, ham sandwich with truffle and eggs, glass of prosecco and hot drink.

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An espresso coffee opens the day or closes the tasting journey of a rich savory breakfast.

A coffee at Florian is a journey through different countries and centuries of coffee culture: enclosed in a cup, black and steaming, there is the product of cultures, excellences and technologies that have made the world globalized thanks to a coffee bean.

Sip your coffee with your eyes closed, slowly, to fully grasp its nuances and its essence.

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Florian's gastronomic delights

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The Ambiance Perfume Inspired by Caffè Florian's Legendary Rooms

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The VGW at Caffè Florian: opening of the exhibition "Il vetro si fa musica"


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