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The Carnival

Live without rules

Carnival: a ritual with deep anthropological roots

Living without rules was an opportunity to escape convention and allow oneself a moment of liberation and fun.

Carnival is much more than a glitzy celebration; it is an anthropological ritual that offers a temporary escape from normality, allowing people to explore and rewrite social dynamics, celebrate life and connect through creativity and individual expression.

Carnival masks and costumes represent an important artistic and creative expression.

In addition to emphasising individual flair, these elements help shape the collective identity of the community participating in the celebration.

The Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest, involves the whole city and is an event known and appreciated all over the world

The Carnival of Venice originated long ago: the word carnevale first appeared in a 1094 document, while a decree issued in 1296 officially declared the Carnevale a public holiday.

At the time, and for much time thereafter, the Carnival lasted six weeks, from December 26 to Ash Wednesday.

Carnival weeks were dedicated to celebration and partying: both Venetians and foreigners gathered in Venice to have fun with music and dance.

Di Capua

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