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Chinese Room

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Graceful and sinuous forms at the walls of the Chinese Room: a labyrinth of figures, inspired by a real but fictitious East, melting with the golden leaf decorations, framed and red velvet sofas.

Paintings and ornamental designs are the masterpiece of the artist Antonio Pascutti, also author of the well-known Chinese, so appreciated by the famous French writer and poet Henri De Régnier.


“Now, at dusk, the hour of the Chinese is coming. Finally here we are at his feet. Under his jeering gaze, the conversation loses its serious tone and changes in a cozy one. Now, we can talk about one another, regretting those who cannot share this moment with us, comfortably seated at the Florian.”


Like the Oriental Room, the Chinese Room is not simply a fine decorated space to drink an Italian Espresso, but it is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable experience. There is a special atmosphere, a different kind of air in both Rooms, maybe because they are connected and alike; the mirrors on the walls of the tiny passages between the two Rooms create the effect of a labyrinth, and your image is reflected back at you countless times ,as you go from China to Orient.

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