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Room of the Illustrious Men

Sala Uomini Illustri_3 1775x1181

Marco Polo, Titian, Carlo Goldoni, Paolo Sarpi, Palladio, Francesco Morosini, Benedetto Marcello, Pietro Orseolo, Enrico Dandolo and Vettor Pisani: these are the ten illustrious men, renowned in various branches of civil virtue and art, who made Venice important and famous in history.
Alternating with large mirrors and decorated panels, their striking eyes look at us from the walls.

The Room of the Illustrious Men was originally a passageway connecting the Procuratie Nuove porch with the internal courtyard. Its “outdoor” nature can still be seen in the baseboard of Istrian white stone, not present in the other Rooms.
This was the last of the Florian Rooms to be restored in 2012, when the walls and ceiling paintings and decorations finally re-emerged to their ancient splendor.

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