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Adrian Tuchel, discover the artist, his art and his works


Adrian Tuchel, an English artist in love with Venice, represents the perfect fusion between the architect’s approach to reality and that of the artist to the poetry of light. Venice reflects itself in the lagoon water and the intriguing game of its beauty evolves with the changing of the light of the day, becoming velvety at night.

In his works, between a minimalist approach on the one hand and meticulous attention to detail on the other, he describes the architectural vaults that make Venice a “marble lace. “Because this is the city of the eye”, to quote Iosif Brodsky.

Adrian Tuchel, thanks to his training as an architect, captures the precious materiality of the marble and bricks, flooding with a warm and poetic light the vision of the city making it aerial, elusive, dreamlike.



"We are in the heart"

After attending Schools of Art and Architecture, Adrian Tuchel went through several artistic phases before arriving at the architectural landscape using pencil, ink or watercolour. He lives with his family in Cambridge, UK, but as soon as he can he goes back to Venice which has become for him the place of the heart.

He is a member of the “Society of Architectural Artists” of London, of the “Open Studios” of Cambridge, and of the companies “Turner” and “Ruskin” of London.

His watercolours, numbered prints in limited edition, have become a Design Souvenir.

A precious and unique piece of art signed by Adrian Tuchel.



Immagine 2023-07-17 170038

"Looking to the bacino"

He is able with his art to raise his gaze beyond the rooftops. It opens its wings and takes off transporting us to bell towers and terraces to take colourful snapshots that leave us amazed by the speed of the stroke and the joy lavished by the colours.


"Caffè Florian, It is wonderful"

Adrian Tuchel, his first time at Caffè Florian in Venice


We used to call him “the painter” because the name of the gentleman standing in a cold day in front of the canvas for hours, was still unknown to us.

For many days in a row he used to come and paint standing in front of Caffè Florian.

Such tenacity had not gone unnoticed and had affected the staff.

He was invited to enter for a while. Since then, his gaze on Caffè Florian has been part of us and our story telling. The idea of setting up the exhibition “ADRIAN TUCHEL at Florian” came as a natural flow of events.

Among stuccoes, ancient mirrors and precious woods – the original XIX and XX century furniture of Sala delle Stagioni and Sala Liberty –  Tuchel’s landscape paintings were exhibited as wide-angle views of the lagoon along with those depicting the Café: from the explosive atmosphere of Carnival to the soft tones of afternoon tea in the Tea Room.

Florianprint4 Florianprint7

The liaison with the city of Venice and the exhibition of his watercolours at Caffè Florian


Arriving at the Caffè Florian, not only to portray the place in his watercolours, but for an exhibition dedicated to all his works, had an enormous value not only for the artist but also for man.

This meant a ‘landing place’ for Adrian Tuchel who loves travelling for passion and for challenge.

Panoramic views of Venice along with details of the ancient Caffè: an exhibition where you could turn around and always feel surrounded by the light and the wide panoramic view of his works.

It is precisely in his words that we can discover the emotional impact of his journey:

“I was young and full of hope and the dream of going to Venice came true, of seeing and touching this unique city wonder. To feel the pulse, the soul, the famous music in the square of San Marco. To admire the arrangement of the red sofas on which many illustrious people have sat, follow with your eyes the graceful movement of the waiters in the immaculate livery with trays full of delicacies, to savour in the air the intense aroma of coffee, listen to the “ciaccole” under the porches of the people who casually sit and catch their looks mirrored by the windows, listen to the timeless notes played by the string orchestra. I was amazed by the elegance and refinement of the masks and costumes of the carnival, immerse myself in the endless history of this temple of conviviality: all this has always been Florian. It was in 1982 that I first managed to realise my dream and savour what it means to taste a cup of coffee at Florian: truly a journey through history!”


"Caffè Florian, Viennese atmosphere"

The liaison with Venice is even more intimate than the artistic one:

“In this heady intoxicating atmosphere coalescing the sounds of the bells, the melody of the strings and the voices, a dream was born that I am continuing to live with my wakened eyes. After a romantic dinner with an attractive foreign girl I had only just encountered, on the steps next to the Caffè I kissed my future wife cradled in the background by Florian’s eternal melody: it was the evening of Saturday, September 18, 1993.”

Caffè Florian, Un cappuccino per favore 28x36

"Caffè Florian, Un cappuccino per favore"

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Design Souvenir

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Venetian Gondolier: Discover the Traditions and Curiosities of Venice's Most Romantic Profession

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The Venice Film Festival 2023, guests, history and links with the city


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