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Introduction and the history of Vogalonga Regatta


Rowing on the lagoon, on the wave of love and respect for Venice.


The traditional Vogalonga, an annual non-competitive rowing regatta, takes place on 19 May.

It is a celebration of rowing and the culture associated with the lagoon and the sea.

The event is open to all types of rowing boats, including gondolas, and is a celebration of history and love of the city. Thousands of participants from all over the world gather to take part in this unique event, which is not only a test of endurance but also an opportunity to experience the beauty of Venice and its rich cultural heritage.

Participants are encouraged to take their time and enjoy the scenery, stopping along the way to cool off and socialise with other rowers.

Vogalonga Vogalonga-Venezia

Vogalonga is an unmissable event in Venice



The Vogalonga is a not-to-be-missed event that aims to raise awareness of the fragility of the lagoon ecosystem.

A victory of the oars over the waves caused by motor boats.
This non-competitive sporting event, which has been part of Venetian tradition and culture since the 1970s, brings together amateurs, professionals and champions of Venetian rowing.

Traditional boats and crews of all kinds gather in St Mark’s Basin, creating a mosaic of bright colours: a testimony to the awareness that the choice of each individual counts in this environmental turning point that makes us all protagonists.

The love of rowing, in a world that is finally sensitive to the sustainability of human activities and respect for the environment, makes us ask ourselves what legacy we want to leave to posterity.

Venice, where resilience and splendour come together, teaches us that only respect for the natural environment can guarantee survival.

48th VOGALONGA 2024: the route map


La Vogalonga Regatta 2024 will take place along a 30 km long path that starts from St. Mark’s Basin.

The boats leave the San Marco Basin, circumnavigate the island of Sant’Elena and head towards Burano, passing by the Certosa, the Vignole, and San Francesco del Deserto. Then, crossing the Mazzorbo Canal, they return to Venice, navigating along the Cannaregio Canal and parading down the Grand Canal, Rialto, ending at Punta della Salute.

sito vogalonga

Route of the Vogalonga: 30 km in the Venice (

Curiosities and history of the Vogalonga


The history of this event begins with a simple friendly regatta on ‘mascarete’ on St Martin’s Day in 1974.

The idea was to respond to the increasing noise of the engines, which was drowning out the quiet beat of the oars in the water, and to promote ‘voga alla veneta’ and try to reverse this trend.
The first official Vogalonga was proclaimed on 26 January 19751.

The event was designed to be inclusive, inviting enthusiasts and old rowers to join together in defence of the environment.
The first edition saw the participation of 500 boats and 1500 participants, who gathered in the Bacino San Marco in front of the Doge’s Palace. Over time, the event has grown in popularity, reaching a peak of 2000 boats and 7300 participants in 2023. The Vogalonga continues to attract participants from all over the world, renewing the success of the event every year.

The Vogalonga is a hymn to Venetian tradition: it unites the community and, by celebrating the ancient art of rowing, contributes to the revival of the boat and oar handicrafts.


It is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty that Venice can only reveal to those who know how to navigate its canals.

Another point of view: the floating one!
The rhythm is dictated by the power of the oars.
Nature and man play on equal terms.

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