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The Ambiance Perfume Inspired by Caffè Florian's Legendary Rooms

Caffè Florian is a magical venue.

History, art and culture, gives it an energy that is perceived as soon as you cross the threshold.

It can offer a multisensory experience that goes beyond the taste that has given it prestige for more than three centuries.
For each visitor begins a path that leaves indelible traces in the unconscious memory.


Orientale, Senato, Stagioni and Uomini Illustri: four fragrances inspired by the iconic rooms of Caffè Florian

You can’t help but feel the smell of mahogany and ebony wood, the scent of velvet that cover the red sofas.

SALA ORIENTALE_ORIENTAL ROOM Ambiance Perfume Uomini Illustri

You are amazed by perceiving the scents of coffee and chocolate.

Cinnamon, clove, hibiscus and cornflower are in the air at tea time.

L1000065_galleria L1000064_galleria

Florian Halls represent a unique jewel for decorations and artistic set-up. They are precious treasure chests in which you are led on a journey in History and Elegance.

To emotionally ‘return’ to Florian, we have created ambiance fragrances inspired by the most iconic rooms of the Café.


4 profumi ambiente IMG-6099

The Ambiance Perfumes, how to craft the ideal ambiance with olfactory accords



Ambiance Perfumes are like the soundtrack of a space. With the right olfactory accords, you can create the ideal ambience and even change your mood. Choosing the right fragrances can stimulate concentration and productivity at work, or simply make you feel pampered within the walls of your home.

Thin invisible magic parfume threads in the air can change your view of life and your mood.

sala stagioni senato

Indulge your senses with four extraordinary fragrances by renowned perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro


The art of perfumery is alchemical magic.

It evokes deep emotions through the senses, and renowned master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro knows it very well. The  fragrances he created are a sensory journey through different moods.

Created to relive the charming atmosphere of Florian, the “Le Sale” room perfumes represent a special collection of olfactory memories. Thanks to the spray dispenser they can be spread on curtains, sofas, carpets, drawers and wardrobes. A fragrance is the reflection of our personality, inside and outside.

dorata 4 profumi sedia raddrizzata

Indulge your senses with four extraordinary fragrances by renowned perfumer LorenzoDante Ferro

  • SALA UOMINI ILLUSTRI: This perfume is inspired by the Hall of Illustrious Men in which Marco Polo, Titian, Paolo Sarpi, Palladio, Francesco Morosini, Benedetto Marcello, Pietro Orseolo, Enrico Dandolo, Vettor Pisani and Carlo Goldoni look at us authoritatively from their portraits. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves recall voyages of discovery, daring feats and actions of freedom..
  • SALA DELLE STAGIONI: A light but persistent 'laundry' scent, with floral tones with a powdery veil. It arouses memories of other times and is dedicated to the room in which female allegories of the four seasons embellish the four corners of the nineteenth-century room.
  • SALA ORIENTALE: Precious woods such as sandalwood and warm notes of vetiver inebriate and stimulate the imagination in this sensual perfume dedicated to the oriental world.
  • SALA DEL SENATO: A lively accord of green and aquamarine notes that evokes the freshness of maritime pines, the air of salt, orange blossom and jasmine, in harmony with the bright notes of bergamot, lemon and herbaceous accents of juniper, thyme and rosemary. A citrus and fresh scent to remember the Hall where the senators of the Republic used to meet and which was the scene of many 'revolutionary' acts
  • LE SALE: You can decide to have the complete set of four fragrances to be ready to grasp the breaths of sensory inspiration. You can decide to have a different one for each room of the house, or change them according to the season and mood. On curtains, sofas, entrances, carpets or even in closets. They have such a formulation that they can be used on the body.
lorenzo dante ferro

Lorenza Dante Ferro, "Architetto Olfattivo"

Florian, The Essenza


Is it possible to enclose the essence of an iconic place in an ambient fragrance?

The Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro has succeeded by creating a room fragrance that evokes the splendour of the Triumphant Venice.
A mystical harmony of amber with bright accents of bitter orange and lemon, shades of sandalwood and vetiver on an exotic background of moss, resins and precious balms, are the secret of the Essence.

essenza 35 ml essenza 100 specchi strong

Olfactory architectures: skilful balance of natural essential oils and extracted from raw materials of the highest quality obtained with artisanal methods.

3 + senato ok set 4 stag

How to choose your room fragrance?


Choosing room fragrances inspired by the iconic rooms of Caffè Florian means being able to recreate the unique atmosphere of this prestigious place.
Each fragrance tells a different story, capturing its essence.
As you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the aroma of citrus, flowers or precious woods, you can feel enveloped by the elegance, history and culture that make Caffè Florian such a special place.

These Perfume transport the magic of Venice directly into the intimate space of your home, living the Florian experience without having to travel.

Sprayed on the curtains allow the scent to spread in the air at every breath of wind that makes the curtains move.
On the sofa will allow you to renew the emotion every time you sit down. In your closet and drawers at every opening and closing you will experience the joy of an intimate secret. Thanks to these fragrances, the experience at Florian comes back to mind as sweet memory and make us participate in the olfactory universe of Lorenzo Dante Ferro.


Ambiance fragrances are an olfactory journey that embraces the past and celebrates the timeless elegance of Venice

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Indulge your senses with extraordinary ambiance fragrances

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