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Orient Express: Timeless Dream of Luxury Rail Travel


On a journey, the destination is important, and if the destination is Venice, you can be sure that it will be a voyage of discovery to a romantic place full of wonders and secrets.

On the Orient Express the journey itself is the goal: a journey of class and exclusivity on the luxury train.


A timeless dream: an adventure to discover the wonders of the Serenissima through the refined touch and legendary atmosphere of this very elegant train.

History and romance come together in an unrepeatable union in a rail travel to discover the canals of Venice from the point of view of  an iconic train: the legendary Orient Express.

orient3 Un poster del 1895 dell’Orient Express mostra una destinazione e gli orari del treno

Belgian engineer Georges Nagelmackers was inspired by George Pullman’s work in America to create a luxury travel company in Europe.

From 1883 to 2023, railways shortened distances around the world by linking East to West, bringing the Belle Epoque straight into the future: our present!

One hundred and forty years of rail journeys that have made the journey itself the protagonist of the experience, as important as the destination to be reached.


Luxury cabins and suites of refined and unique design on the Orient Express La Dolce Vita

The Unparalleled Luxury of the Orient Express Train



The luxury train is a true excellence in the world of travel. Every detail, from the sumptuous interiors to the impeccable attention to service, contributes to a unique experience.


The timeless elegance of the Orient Express is a dream on rails that continues to resist the relentless march of time.

On this unique journey, eras merge and each carriage is a living fragment of history.

A time machine that transports you to the dream dimension of travel.


Those who love train travel know the feeling of being a spectator of the changing scenery outside the window, lulled by the rocking of the rails. In an environment of extraordinary refinement, where no detail is left to chance, the very experience of being in a carriage is the dream.

The eternal appeal of the Orient Express not only spans generations, but also openly defies the passage of time, offering each traveler the opportunity to experience a dream that is unshakable by the passage of time.

A drawing showing the luxurious interior of the Orient Express restaurant car at the turn of the century FOTOGRAFIA DI JOHN FRUMM, GTRES

A train with prestigious interiors inspired by the creativity and genius of the great masters of 20th century Italian design. A journey into luxury that pays homage to Gio Ponti, Nanda Vigo, Gae Aulenti and Osvaldo Borsani, born from the imagination and audacity of Dimorestudio, the international architecture and design studio founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran.

Orient Express Silenseas: Legendary Train Voyages at Sea


From rail to sea: the Orient Express Silenseas is the largest sailing ship in the world.

220 meters long, with 54 luxurious suites and two swimming pools, it sails the seas powered entirely by wind energy.


This is not just a journey, but a dream through uncharted seas, preserving the magic and elegance that made the Orient Express famous.


The concept of the dream train journey has been transformed into this grand design to elegantly cross the sea. With the same timeless elegance, it challenges the imagination of those who dream of traveling beyond conventional boundaries.



The Art of Travel on the Orient Express


The Orient-Express transforms travel into a sensual experience that celebrates aesthetics and elegance.


Each passenger becomes a protagonist in this magnificent traveling work of art, as well as a spectator of the sights that unfold like outside the Orient Express.


On this extraordinary journey, you will enjoy the unparalleled atmosphere that only the Orient Express can offer, elevating the concept of luxury on rails to an unparalleled art form.

High-Life Magazine: Journey Through Stories of Luxury


On June 1, 1889, some six years after its inauguration, the Orient-Express made its first direct trip between Paris and Constantinople in 67 hours and 35 minutes.

Travellers aboard the elegant carriages were immersed in elegance and luxury. High-Life, which featured information about the world’s greatest cities, arts and crafts, was the on-board magazine.


Now, as then, the magazine is being revived on the Orient-Express, allowing people to explore reality through the eyes of artists and photographers, and to discover new destinations around the world that fascinate travel enthusiasts, travellers and dreamers alike..

Booking Your Journey on the Orient Express: A Guide


The web site allows you to start living the dream by browsing its pages.


One can choose to experience train travel to discover, for example, the treasures of Venice: Itineraries of the Orient Express train La Dolce Vita (


The proposed itineraries are varied and all unmissable: A dream and luxury train, Orient Express La Dolce Vita (


If you’d like to travel to unusual new frontiers, you might want to check out instead Orient Express Silenseas: The legendary train heads out to sea as the world’s largest sailing ship is unveiled – Orient Express (


Ready to start dreaming?

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