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Unhearting Italy’s Timeless Treasures: Journeying through Historic Sites and Traditions


The National Day of the Historic Places in Italy is an event that takes place every year on the first Saturday of October.

Dedicated to the promotion of the historical-cultural heritage represented by the most ancient and prestigious restaurants, pastry shops and literary coffee houses in Italy.

They are considered “historic” for keeping the traces of the time passing by, protecting the memory of the Italian history.

They have been able to remain operational and appealing for contemporary society, demonstrating that their stoic and resilient practices through historical courses has been succesful.

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Exploring Italy’s National Day of Historic Places: A Journey Through Time and Events


The Association Historic Places of Italy, a cultural organization that brings together about two hundred revenues that have become part of the history of Italy for the events they were promoters of or for having been attended by famous people, has created the National Day to celebrate the historic places in Italy and develop awareness.

The historical premises are precious caskets that jealously preserve the spirit and soul of past generations.

When we talk about Historical Places of Italy, not only the involuntary memory is activated and brings back to mind ancient atmospheres and precious taste experiences related to childhood, a process of identification is also set in motion. Their events are in fact inextricably linked to the historical experience of the community in which they arise.

In every region from north to south it is possible to join the organized initiatives: guided tours, tastings of specialities: a single event spread throughout the national territory. Piedmont, Veneto, Campania, Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscany are among the first in the ranking for number of adhesions to the project.

Ambassador of the Local Historians of Italy is Hon. Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture:

“The historical premises of Italy are part of music, literature, poetry, theater, and the National Association with its initiatives performs an important action of guarantee and preservation not only of physical places, but also of memory protection. They are real museums of hospitality, personally I am very well in the historical premises, they are a reason for happy memory, deserve all our attention and our government presence, to protect the persistence over time and ensure its continuity.”

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The Historic Sites of Italy's postcard and guide, with the bookmark Florian

Exploring Caffè Florian’s Iconic Halls on a guided tour


Welcome to the heart of history.

Seated on the red sofas that saw the illustrious and ordinary citizens seated, the magic of the vertigo of time is renewed in the iconic halls.

Since 1720, Caffè Florian has been the place where customers are served with a spirit of hospitality that has remained unchanged over time.

A point of reference for joyful souls who found here an international environment that merged with the warmth of Venice even the most popular and sincere.

Sensuality and literature, popular wisdom and Enlightenment philosophy, a rich humus of cultural ferments has been the driving force to bring the Florian to sail the serene seas triumphantly and cross unharmed stormy seas.

The Caffè was the fulcrum of the centripetal forces fed by the ferments of change: under the Serenissima Republic, following in the footsteps of the dominant Venice on the Sea and then on Earth, collecting the discontent during the Austrian domination, hosting the sculptor Canova who represented beauty in a neoclassical key while Napoleon was changing the set of the city making it less medieval, and was still there when the project to unify Italy took place.

A lighthouse, a landmark in Venice, Europe and the world.


When the future seemed to become uncertain and nebulous, Caffè Florian was the place to rediscover its roots and a sense of identity for the cosmopolitan community that lived in Venice. The ease of the living room, a showcase on the world, the dream coveted for many writers like Johan Wolfgang Goethe when still to reach the island you could only be transported by boat.

Faced with political choices and epochal upheavals it was refreshment for restless souls who found in the Florian the family warmth that always welcomes.


Despite everything, Caffé Florian has always been there.



The lamps lit in the Galleria delle Procuratie Nuove symbolized the continuity and reliability of the place that has always represented the strength of a tenacious Venice that resists, wins, loses, surrenders, gets up and starts again.


From “At the Triumphant Venice”, so had decided to call it Floriano Francesconi in honor of the city that dominated the Adriatic, to “Florian”, as affectionately was called by his patrons referring to the owner’s name, the Caffè Florian has crossed three centuries leaving the aristocrats of the oligarchic republic behind, passing through Austrian and then French domination, tranmsforming itself in the stage of revolutionary movements.

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Postcard from the early 1900s

Caffè Florian: a lighthouse in the waves of Venetian and Italian history


Daniele Manin on March 22, 1848 proclaimed the independence of the Republic of San Marco by using a chair and a coffee table from Caffè Florian to speak to the crowd.

St Mark’s Square filled with praising patriots, Manin takes control of the situation:

«Citizens! I ignore for effect of which winds I have been taken by the silence of my prison and brought in Saint Mark’s square. But I see in your faces, in the vivacity of your attitudes, that the senses of love of country and national spirit have made here, during my imprisonment, great progress, I enjoy it highly and in the name of the homeland I thank you. But come on! Do not forget that there can be no true and lasting freedom, where there is no order, and that you must be jealous of the order, if you want to show yourself worthy of freedom. There are solemn moments and cases in which insurrection is not only a right, but also a duty»


(Daniele Manin after the people’s liberation on March 17, 1848)

storia_italia_007_repubblica_san_marco acquerelloBN_1859

First place to guarantee freedom of expression: editorial headquarters of the “Gazzetta Veneta”.

It was the first and only place in the city to guarantee gender equality: it had a room dedicated to welcoming women while in every other café they were forbidden to enter.

The Caffè Florian broke down the distinction between social classes: it brought together members of patrician families and ordinary citizens to share common spaces and the rite of coffee.

“Andemo da Florian”: going to the Caffé became a democratic moment of life in the city.

The Florian as an agorà where brilliant minds and inciters of gossip (and love intrigues!) built, trachyte stones by stone, the path of the history of Venice.

Italico Brass - Cafe Florian Venice - (MeisterDrucke-245790)

Italico Brass, "Al Caffè Florian", (1912)

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Guided tour of the Florian Coffee Halls


Mindful of the great success of the previous editions, this year it will be possible to visit Florian’s Halls.

The visit includes explanations and historical anecdotes related to the decorations of the halls: Senate, Chinese, Oriental, Illustrious Men and Seasons.

Set up with coffee tables in carrara marble that rotate to allow ladies dressed in crinoline to sit on sofas, decorated by artists of the Academy of Fine Arts under the direction of architect Lodovico Cadorin, the rooms have been preserved intact, restored and maintained constantly to keep up with the new needs of service without ever losing its nature as a masterpiece.

A museum that lives and breathes in step with the times: the beauty that unites the historical premises is precisely this ability to be ancient but never surpassed.

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