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Florian's chocolate:
one of the best in the world

The great discover of chocolate can be attributed to the Maya, who were the first to create a plantation of cocoa.

The Aztechs indeed were the first to use cocoa seeds for the production of chocolate and they believed that cocoa tree was source of power and wealth. Moreover, these seeds were used as currency. Chocolate was considered such a heavenly drink that was called “the drink of the gods” and it was reserved only to Emperors.


Today chocolate is the “finished product” of a processing on the cocoa seed and the mixing of other ingredients.

Chocolate can be presented in various consistency, shine and opacity; based on the taste: sweet or bitter. Any shape or consistency it has, it remains for us a delight to taste gently, which creates strength, but at the same time gives the privilege of relaxing.


Florian’s chocolate boasts of being one of the five best chocolates in the world. Here are our offers:

cioccolata, panna alla menta, scaglie al cioccolato

Cioccolata Casanova: hot chocolate, mint cream and chocolate shavings

cioccolata in tazza

Cioccolata in tazza: hot chocolate is a classic Florian's tradition and famous to be one of the finest in the world

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