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New Year’s Eve in Venice: Unique Traditions and Meanings


Here we are at the magical Eve:  the arrival of a New Year.

We will leave the old year behind and welcome the New Year full of hopes and expectations, celebrating romantically or euphorically.


We exorcise the moment of transition: sharing a conviviality mood to the rhythm of perlage.


Hopes and good wishes color every greeting exchanged in the streets of Venice.

Venice, by its conformation, predisposes to the meeting. The voices of the Venetians resound among the festively lit streets, wishing each other the best for the year to come, while the eyes of the tourists are enchanted as they grasp the unique traditions and meanings of the Venetian style rituals.

Experiencing Venice is always magical, but being here for New Year’s Eve is certainly, in a lifetime, a unique and unmissable time.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Venice: Tips and Ideas


Being in Venice to celebrate New Year’s Eve means experiencing a magical moment.

Walking among architectural beauties caressed by warm Christmas lights gives the feeling of being in a privileged place and out of time.

Piazza San Marco is the most beautiful salon in Italy, a perfect stage where you can celebrate waiting for the fireworks show.

The sense of community in a city suspended for centuries on the waters of the lagoon is experienced more intensely than elsewhere.

In Venice you can feel Venetian with the Venetians while hugging strangers wishing “Happy New Year!”


You can discover calli and campielli, remote corners off the most obvious tourist routes, tasting cicchetti and good wine in the bàcari that teem the city.

Or you can choose the location that best suits your tastes to spend the hours before the fireworks show, comfortably seated.

The restaurants and taverns are so many, and the offer is so wide, that suggesting some is difficult.

It is obviously recommended to book in advance and to choose with your heart the place you love most, where to be be pampered while sailing toward a New Year.


New Year's Eve at Caffè Florian: exclusivity and elegance

Exclusive New Year’s Experience at Caffè Florian: Elegance and Exclusivity


The memory of New Year’s Eve remains indelible in the memory and always leaves an intense emotional impact.

It marks the passage of time in our lives and colors our memories.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve is important to choose a venue we feel connected to our emotional sphere.


If you are looking for an exclusive place to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 in Venice, Caffè Florian is the perfect choice.


Delicacies of the Venetian culinary tradition and exclusive cocktails are the essential ingredients for celebrating New Year’s Eve with style and elegance.

A timeless style since 1720.

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New Year’s Eve in Venice is not just a passage of time, but a ritual that takes place in the heart of history and culture, past and present in an unforgettable celebration.


Florian: to the rhythm of perlage, we await the New Year

Special New Year’s Menu: Culinary Delights at Caffè Florian


We celebrate the arrival of the year 2024 with a journey into the tastes of Venetian tradition through gastronomic delights: the flavor of creamed cod and Shrimps in Saòr already transports us into a history of travel and cultural fusions as only in Venice is possible to experiment.

Fish is the protagonist of the menu at Florian with the Salmon Tartare with herbs and Fish Lasagna.

Our Chef reinvents the most traditional of Christmas desserts to accompany your stay in the Historic Halls of Caffè Florian: Panettone in a glass with zabaione custard

The fireworks display in the San Marco basin is just around the corner.

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Midnight Toast in Venice: A Magical Moment at Caffè Florian


You always feel the vertigo of Time at Caffè Florian.

Many illustrious men and extraordinary women have sat on the red velvet sofas and have been able to give history an epochal imprint.

What did they all have in common?

The love for Floriano Francesconi, founder of the Caffè, and the love for this venue named after him which over the centuries has retained the characteristic of being a place of meeting, ideas, loves and revolutions.


Once you cross the threshold of Caffè Florian, now worn by time and the passage of many patrons, you no longer remain the same.

An inexplicable magic moment that can captivate, especially on New Year’s Eve!

Before midnight  earn a place in Piazza San Marco, between the columns of San Teodoro and that of the Lion of San Marco.


At the stroke of midnight the magic will in the sky of Venice.

The sky over the island of San Giorgio, the Punta della Dogana and the Palazzo Ducale will be illuminated by fireworks.

Brushstrokes of colors in the sky will make us feel joyful and will mesmerize with pyrotechnic effects that serve to exorcise negativity and make room for the New Year to come.

Ready to experience one of the most memorable moments of your life?

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Caffè Florian: A Historical Treasure in Venice


Caffè Florian is a historical treasure of Venice.

Located under the porticoes of the Procuratie Nuove in Piazza San Marco, Caffè Florian is the oldest Café in Italy and in the world, inaugurated on 29 December 1720 by Floriano Francesconi with the name “Alla Venezia Trionfante“.

The Café has become a meeting point for artists, writers and intellectuals, including Gasparo Gozzi, Carlo Goldoni, Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Canova, Lord Byron, Ugo Foscolo, Charles Dickens, Gabriele D’Annunzio and many others.

Caffè Florian is famous for its architecture and interior decorations, which include frescoes, mirrors, chandeliers and original furnishings from the second half of the 19th century.

The Caffè offers a vast menu of drinks, hot chocolate, wines and liqueurs, which accompany traditional Venetian delicacies: Esse biscuits, pastries prepared by the Florian Caffè Laboratory.


Caffè Florian is an unmissable place for anyone visiting Venice, both for its history and its beauty.

A precious treasure chest, a treasure to be discovered and above all to be experienced.

Sala_Orientale_Caffè_Florian_1 Sala_Stagioni_Caffè_Florian

Booking Your New Year’s Experience at Caffè Florian: Useful Information


Be part of the Florian Family on the occasion of New Year’s Eve or to organize an event, you can contact us or follow us on social media.


At your service, always!


Some useful links:

Contacts – Florian (

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Caffè Florian | Venice | Facebook


Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco, 57
30124 Venice (VE) – Italy
+39 041 520 56 41

Always at your service!

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