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October 1st: International Coffee Day which celebrates the drink and the ritual that has always accompained it.



There is no better place than Caffè Florian to celebrate the International Coffee Day if you happen to be in Venice.

In this place rich in history and culture, where the walls would tell a centuries-old tale of encounters between brilliant minds and visionary artists, today we celebrate one of the simplest and most extraordinary joys of life: espresso coffee.


It is the scent that wakes us up in the morning, the warmth that embraces us on cold winter days and the ideal companion for a conversation with friends.

Espresso coffee is not just a drink but a ritual part of our cultural legacy that has become a moment of sharing and meditation.

Drink par excellence of the Enlightenment century, consuming a coffee was an invitation to thinking and reflecting, a stimulus to changes, evolutions and revolutions, as evidenced by the history of the Senate Room.


The only place to welcome women while there was a ban on their entry into cafés throughout the city, the Florian confirms itself as a place open to society vawe, revolutionary while remaining anchored to tradition. A coffee was for everyone: the drink consumed at Florian became the symbol of democratic sharing of a ritual that broke down class distinctions.

A microcosm, a concentration of the ferments of the lagoon polis, the beating heart of a Venice centralizing cosmopolitan impulses.

lr Bobo serve un espresso in U.I. lrIMG_6831

The comedy writer Carlo Goldoni in “La Bottega del Caffè” has Ridolfo, the character inspired by Floriano Francesconi, (founder of Caffè Florian), say:

“Mine is an honorable profession, made necessary for the decorum of the city, for the health of men, for the honest enjoyment of those who need to breathe”

Longhi La bottega del Caffè

Pietro Longhi "The coffee Shop" (second half of XVIII century)

“Black as the devil

Hot as hell,

Pure as an angel and sweet as love”


(Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord)


Paintings by Giacomo Casa in "Sala del Senato" (second half of XIX century)

At Caffè Florian we join millions of espresso lovers around the world in celebrating this extraordinary drink.

In a small cup of coffee you can find the entire universe that produced it: by savoring it slowly we take a journey through flavour, body and aroma.

An intense journey from the East to the beating heart of Venice where, thanks to Italian mastery, the preparation of an espresso has become the expression of an art.


The month of October starts with this important initiative supported by the communities of the coffee ritual to support the UNESCO candidacy as an intangible heritage of humanity.

It is a day in which to stop and consider the sustainability of coffee cultivations in the world,  the working conditions of the farmers, to achieve a conscious consumption of this ancient drink.


Today we know that it is possible to decline the theme “coffee” in many ways, from boiling to percolation up to culinary preparations.

From Turkish coffee it took the evolutionary leap by the Italian genius who applied the technique and science of steam machines to the extraction of the magical essence from the grounded beans:


“Here is the Espresso for you!”

IMG_6790 tazza cappuccino

We hope this is going to be a day to appreciation the work of growers, roasters, barmen and barmaids who serve this excellence supported by the passion for espresso.


From bean to cup, an ancient story that Homer already wrote about is passed down in a coffee we drink today.


For a boost of energy, for a cheerful awakening, for post-prandial support, for a moment of meditation, a coffee is the ideal companion in our lives, small oases of refreshment in a frenetic life, a little time dedicated to socializing .

Thanks to experience, coffee becomes a liquid work of art through the hands of baristas, impromptu creative moments that we enjoy in historic bars and cafés.


While sipping an espresso in the heart of Venice, we should not miss the opportunity to grasp the intrinsic values of this tradition that brings people together.


October 1st: let’s celebrate together by savoring a coffee, with its scent and aroma, in a more intense and conscious way, participating in the beautiful initiatives that from south to north will animate and brings together Italy around a steaming cup of an espresso coffee.

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LRtazza espresso sul banco
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